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Educational Philosophy of Liu Pengzhi

As I have been to many renowned schools and interviewed a considerable number of principals, I can sum up some common features in them such as lofty character, strong professionalism, a great sense of mission as well as their perception of the essence of education. Yet I always have the feeling that the passion and wisdom, perseverance and persistence, generosity and pursuit of excellence embodied in Principal Liu Pengzhi of RDFZ have reached the zenith of common features of prominent principals. Over the past decades, Madame Liu has been working tirelessly, integrating her life into the educational cause perfectly. Her unique charm always prompts me to ponder and study from different perspectives. I always want to write something down, yet having no idea of where to begin.

People’s educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi once said, “Benevolence, wisdom and courage, the most important spiritual heritage of China, used to be deemed as ‘the virtues universally binding’, and are still a critical indicator for the utmost development of individuals in the present day.” As a reporter, I find in Principal Liu Pengzhi the perfect integration of benevolence, wisdom and courage added with the factor of innovation. This enables Madame Liu, with historical, international and futuristic perspectives, to transform RDFZ, analyze the current situation in China’s basic education and to lead Chinese education reforms in making further progress, thus bringing about a miracle in Chinese education circles.

Doubtlessly, Principal Liu Pengzhi’s educational philosophy is rich and profound and her charisma of personality is distinct and exceeding, containing the traditional Chinese philosophic thinking of “The greatest truths are the simplest”, “Genuine music is hardly audible” and “True image is nearly invisible”. I know very well that it would be in vain to attempt to interpret comprehensively the educational philosophy of a contemporary Chinese educator. After repeated reading of a dozen books such as Life for a Calling, A Study on the Educational Philosophy of Liu Pengzhi, Educational Philosophy and Practice of Liu Pengzhi, A Collection of Essays on Education by Liu Pengzhi, as well as the journal Double Bases Communications, after in-depth interviews with the leading body of the school and representatives of RDFZ teachers, and after participations of major activities and training programs of the school, I am finally at ease, more or less. Mountains of rich and diversified materials at hand enable me to explore the real sides of the quality school and the spiritual world of Madame Liu.

Recently, I contacted Madame Liu many times for an interview, but failed to set the exact date due to her busy schedules. One morning when I awoke, I saw Madame Liu’s message on my cell phone, which read “9 PM at my office. Is it convenient for you? ” All of a sudden, I felt settled and touched.

Soul: Love and respect

Love and respect set the foundation of Liu Pengzhi’s educational philosophy, and are also the soul of her educational philosophy. Principal Liu Pengzhi often says, “Love is the highest level of education and epitomizes a natural flow of dedication; respect embodies the quintessence of education and is the drive for creativity.”

Love is considerate caring and unconscious flow of feelings. Moreover, it is the zenith of perfection. Madame Liu holds the idea that “Education is my life-long career; love is the incessant drive for my personality and professionalism.” The division between a teaching craftsman and an educator lies in the possession of a broad and deep love. On the basis of respect, Principal Liu Pengzhi has elevated love to broad love. Love in education is manifested in respect for life and people, thus meeting the needs of individualized and diversified development of each student and teacher. As such, it is not at all difficult to understand why RDFZ has been turned into such a splendid school with the emergence of countless international and national awards won by RDFZ students.