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Postscript to Liu Pengzhi Life for a Calling

The book is truly an outcome of collective efforts. In this book are included successes and failures, excellence and mediocrity, brilliance and insipidity, all of which have displayed the participants’ unforgettable journey in education. Without them, this book would not have had been in existence.

In all the things written in this book, I did the part either as a participant or as an advocator. The good job in many aspects should be attributed to the concerted efforts of all the staff members of RDFZ, to the vigorous support from our superior education departments and friends of all walks of life. In this book, I have tried to keep records of my students, colleagues, leaders and friends as many as possible. Yet due to the limitations in style and length, I am afraid there are still a lot of people I have not mentioned. To them, I apologize.

In the process of writing the book, a number of my colleagues gave me tremendous help in collecting materials. Among them are Sun Yunxiao, Wu Miwen, Cui Lu, Chen Hua, Wang Minzhu, Yu Shuquan, He Zongdi, Xie Mingzhong and Peng Xiao.  Members of the editorial board of the book series Contemporary Chinese Educators gave me guidance and suggestions, and editors from Higher Education Press edited and proofread the book carefully. Here, I’d like to extend my thanks to all of them.

While putting down my educational experience, I added some of my reflections upon teaching reform. And these reflections are subjected to any comments and suggestions.

I am still on the way. There is no end to practice; there is no end to reflection. I will, with even greater efforts, repay RDFZ and my colleagues who have gone through thick and thin with me, and all those who have always cared for and supported me.

Liu Pengzhi

July 12, 2004