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Take the Pulse of the Times and Fulfill Social Responsibility

Dear colleagues and friends,

Good morning!

My speech is titled “Take the Pulse of the Times and Fulfill Social Responsibility”.

Any school, private or public, is a social entity, which is bound to honor its social responsibility. It is like a human being, whoever he or she is, he or she needs to take citizenry obligations.

If it fails to fulfill its social responsibility, the school will be reduced to “a shop providing education”; if teachers don’t maintain a sense of social responsibility, they will always remain “teaching craftsman”, and will never transcend to become real educators.

We endeavor to develop education well rather than offer shops providing education; we are determined to become educators rather than be just “teaching craftsman”. Towards the goal, we must faithfully fulfill our social responsibility.

In a world of commercialization and utilitarianism, it is quite possible that schools are reduced into shops providing education and teachers into people only imparting knowledge. We should be on high alert. Today, we are gathering here to discuss social responsibilities for the school, which is quite necessary and just in time.

The more civilized human race is, the more important education becomes. Never has education received so much attention as well as tremendous pressure and challenges as today. With education popularization and higher level of people’s access to education, and with the ever-raising bars for all walks of life, such traditional notions as “Good scholar will make an official”, “No business is nobler than study” have become things of the past. More and more children are feeling the difficulty of adapting to the social environment they live in, mental confusions and the loss of belief, which is quite worrying. Can education help children establish healthy personality, evoke in them social conscience? Can education facilitate them with genuine learning and talent as well as the courage of undertaking responsibility? Can education help them adapt to the society, promote social progress and lead a happy, harmonious, valuable and meaningful life? Such are the issues facing all educators.

Finding out correct answers and presenting a satisfactory test paper is a great task, which requires educators with deep love for education and children to exhaust their life-long energy and efforts, enthusiasm and intellect. This is our mission as well as our honor.

Honoring social commitment is an eternal topic for schools in spite of the advancement of the times and progress of our society. What social responsibility entails, however, varies. Upon the topic, “fulfill social responsibility” should be preceded by a modifier——“take the pulse of the times”. Only by feeling the pulse of the times can we better fulfill our social responsibility.

It is a common social responsibility to foster qualified citizens and competent talents for the society.

RDFZ is an excellent school, an influential school with reputation at home and abroad. An excellent school’s social responsibility is two-fold. On the one hand, it needs to bear the common social responsibility for all schools. On the other hand, it should try every means to exert its modeling influence and positive effect so as to help the resource deficient schools in West China and schools in less developed areas, thus making greater contribution to a harmonious and balanced development of the nation’s educational cause.

Now, I’d like to talk about RDFZ in fulfilling its social responsibilities with my speech titled “Take the Pulse of the Times, Fulfill Social Responsibility”.